Gold York Steelworks Limited

Corporate Profile

Gold York Steelworks Limited is a Hong Kong based corporation with extensive two major specialised areas including experience in structural steel Design, fabrication and erection, Noise as well as Mitigation package design, supply and erection works . Gold York has accumulated strong leading position in the field throughout past 20 years.

Success and sustainability of a business is derived from mutual satisfaction and win-win negotiation of all parties in both internal and external environment. It is also our management philosophy that we should not only provide accurate technical solution but also proficient commercial consultation to our clients. The Board of Gold York has formulated a set of Core Values, Vision and Mission that define our business ethics and lead our staff to become objective oriented in meeting challenging demands of today’s dynamic business world. We believe that both our customers and workforce will be benefited from higher performance with shared values and stronger corporate culture.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency.

Our Vision is to establish a highly competitive and distinctive positioning in the market of all our projects in worldwide context.

Our Mission is to:

Develop customer satisfaction in providing design and make turnkey services.

Enhance product performance in upgrading manufacturing technology and quality control tests.

Maintain cost-effective and efficient logistic network at high service standard as distinctive and competitive positioning.

Company Background

Founded in 2005, Gold York Steelworks Limited is a registered company in Hong Kong. We have gained much reputation worldwide on becoming one of the largest steelworks companies in Southern China. The diversity of our client base from Australia, Dubai, Kenya, Hong Kong and PRC assures that our production facilities and products are compliant with world-class industrial standards. High recognition is also given to our core business in structural steel fabrication and erection works during the first decade of niche market strategic success. Such strong competitive position is attributed to firstly, our proficient Project team with more than 30 years of experience in related to all our scope of services.

The well-equipped factories and workshops in prominent sites of PRC, we are able to provide high performance steel manipulated products in meeting customers’ need in terms of both quality and quantity. Given that human resource is the most important asset of an organization, we pride ourselves on the high performing teams of our competent managerial and technical personnel, laboratory testing and logistics technicians. Management synergy is made possible by concerted effort of our professional task force.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor of our scope of services, Gold York Steelworks Limited is your optimal choice at all time.

Simply risk off working with us!

Competitive Advantages

Geographical Advantage

The location of Gaolan Port, Zhuhai, PRC, is nearby Hong Kong and only takes a few hours to and from Hong Kong and the factory. It is also a prime site of marine transportation in Guangdong area.

Integrated Facility Advantage

We designed and built a private jetty (Appropriated Berth/Dock) with water depth up to 7 meters for berthing 5000 deadweight tonnage class vessel, and was self-equipped with a 130-tonne lifting capacity jetty crane for loading and unloading Heavy Structure, the jetty also designed for Rolling on and off of the heavy structure as well.

The installation of 8 gantry cranes in the storage area, which facilitates internal transport of both materials and steel products, improves cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Spatial Advantage

With 100,000 m2 of production and jetty area, we can achieve any massive demand on steel structures manufacturing. The spatial advantage of land reserve also provides much opportunity for future development.