Gold York Steelworks Limited

Gold York Proprietary Products

Gold York is the Sole Agent for two Proprietary Brands and Models of products in Hong Kong, namely 'GOYO' and 'Huashuaite' with high reliability and customizable value added features.

1. The GOYO® Brand is owned and created by the in-house design team and engineering experts of Gold York. This line of products is designed to achieve the highest performance of Noise Mitigation Systems in terms of Sound Absorptive and Reflective Panels.

2. The Huashuaite® Brand is a line of acrylic panels developed for use in Sound Reflective function, and is available in different grades to meet various technical requirements. The production range of PMMA sheets comes in different thickness from 3mm to 25mm as according to clients’ specifications. Aside from the generic market standards, all technical data of our PMMA sheets produced are complied with the specifications and requirements of the Highways Department and Buildings Department of the Government of Hong Kong SAR, and also the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation etc.

2.1 The minimum tensile strength is up to 80 Mpa for Hong Kong region.

2.2 A special coating for self-cleaning function is applied on the surface of PMMA sheets to maintain sight clarity and road safety.

2.3 A special warranty can be provided for up to 12 years of material guarantee upon request.

Technical brochure of GOYO® and Huashuaite® , please click the link below: